Twin Cities 

Welcome to Alpha USA/ Twin Cities Region


Hi.  My name is Steve Gartland and I'm the Regional Director for the Twin Cities Region of Alpha USA.
Our region covers the five state area of Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and western Wisconsin. Our mission is to serve and support the local churches, ministry organizations, and individuals to run the Alpha course effectively so that every person in this area has an opportunity to explore the Christian faith near to where they live or work.
If you're looking for an Alpha course to join, click the button on the bottom right of this webpage: "Find a Course Near You," and type in your zipcode.  You'll see a map that shows you just where the closest courses are to you!
To find out what's happening in our region, click the 2nd button on the left on this webpage, "Upcoming Events."  This page will direct you to information about all the events coming up in our region and across the country.
If you don't find what you're looking for on these pages, or want to talk further, please feel free to contact me at, or on my mobile: 612-720-3870.
Wishing you abundant blessings from the Lord, Jesus, in your work--
Steve Gartland, M.Div.    

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